Welcome to Logoman.com, a division of PYS advertising, LLC. The main website is being rebuilt. However, we have added the links below so you can check out some of our offerings.

Clothing, some caps and other accessories

General logo'd stuff on specials and sales

We feel it is our job to make your job easier, so feel free to simply send us an email with the goals of your promotion. We are happy to handle the rest.

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I need information regarding:
Thanking  employees
 referral sources
 trade show visitors
Awarding  employees
 participants in a competition
Creating a program to
 reduce on the job injuries
 generate new client leads
 generate new employee prospects
 generate employee loyalty
 generate customer loyalty
Improving Corporate Image
 of sales staff
 of warehouse staff
 of customer service staff
 as a competitive strategy
I just need information on
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